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Important Support Note

Venstar thermostats are sold only to authorized distributors in North America. Our distributors sell our products to their dealers and contractors. Most of these dealers/contractors sell & professionally install Venstar products. A few of these dealers sell Venstar products online through their own website or through an online retailer such as Amazon. Venstar itself does not sell thermostats direct to the consumer or online.

As the manufacturer of Venstar branded thermostats we offer training and support primarily to our distributors and their dealer/contractors.

Your place of purchase should be your first avenue of support. That being said, Venstar technicians will make every effort to answer your thermostat support questions by email. From this page you may access basic troubleshooting and helpful tips.

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Skyport Troubleshooting

Aplication cannot be installed
Adobe AIR is not installed
Thermostat stuck at connecting to SkyPort
Thermostat does not recognize SD Card
SkyPort ID not valid
Verification ID versus Device ID
WiFi Key Disappears

Thermostat Display Problems

The Clock Is Losing Time
Display Loses Power during the Heating Cycle
Display Loses Power Or Shows "PF" When Heating or Cooling Is Energized
EH Is Displayed In the Cool Setpoint and Only Heat and Off Are Accessible
Thermostat Buttons Are Inoperable
Thermostat Will Not Allow Access Past Advanced Setup Step #2
Thermostat Settings Change or Scramble When Supplemental Heat Comes On
Erratic Operation, Partial Display, or Fluctuating Temperature

Temperature Calibration

Temperature Reading Is Incorrect
Remote Sensor Reading Is Incorrect
Thermostat Does Not Respond To Changes in Room Temperature
Erratic Operation, Partial Display, or Fluctuating Temperature

HVAC System Operation

Unit Is Running Backwards - Cooling On Heat Demand, Heating On Cool Demand
Heating and Cooling Are Running At the Same Time
Fan Does Not Energize On a Call for Heating

Wireless Thermostat Operation

Wireless Thermostat Does Not Energize the Heating or Cooling System
Wireless Thermostat Batteries Die Rapidly

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