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Outdoor Sensor ACC0400

The outdoor air sensor allows the outdoor air temperature to be sent to the thermostat. It can be used with the T1100FS, T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900, T2300FS or TSTATEZ thermostats. The high and low outdoor air readouts for the day can be displayed on the T1800, T1900, T2800 and T2900 thermostats.

When used as remote room sensor, the accessory can be used with the Venstar T1800, T1900, T2700, T2900, T2900SCH and T2300FS thermostats. The sensor may sense room temperature where it is installed. The thermostat will control to the remote temperature sensor reading and show a blinking degree icon next to the temperature display on the thermostat.

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