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When it is time to change a filter, time for maintenance, or the homeowner just wants to know who to call for service, this is the screen that pops up on the display.

You can easily enter the text for this screen directly on the thermostat. If you want to add the company's logo or picture to this screen, ColorTouch Assistant software makes that easy to do as well.

ColorTouch is installation-friendly with its output test screen that allows the installer to test the system.

The graphical user interface shows which outputs are on, so the installer can ensure that all equipment is connected and working properly.

"My Thermostat" screen shows overall status of the equipment and thermostat in graphical panels. ColorTouch's current running firmware version can be determined using these screens. Since ColorTouch has upgradable firmware, using ColorTouch Assistant software users can upgrade their thermostat firmware with ease.


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